The Benton-Franklin Health District maintains an accredited laboratory that performs bacteriological monitoring and limited water chemistry. The most commonly performed drinking and well water quality tests are coliform bacteria, nitrate, total hardness and fluoride.  The Lab is also accredited for various wastewater tests.  For a full list of water tests that can be run by our Lab, click here.2023-2024 Scope of Accreditation

If you are using water from a private well, testing the water is the only way to find out it if is free from contaminants. As the owner of the well, you are the person responsible for testing the water. DOH recommend that private well owners test their drinking water EVERY YEAR for coliform bacteria and nitrate. These two contaminants rapidly could affect a person's health-possibly even with just one drink of water. If your nitrate level is 5 milligrams per liter (mg/L) or higher, you may want to re-test in six months.